Om oss

Sveavägen 9, Summit Hitech
111 57 Stockholm
Box 191 88
104 32 Stockholm
+46 (0)8 522 56 700

Om oss

Since 2007 we have been delivering web and software development with a focus on Sweden. To collaborate with us should be convenient with short notice periods and a flexible number of developers adapted to your current needs.
We implement your IT projects, offer dedicated development resources on site or remotely and help you with maintenance of your applications and systems. We make your ideas into reality and turn them into great products.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve quality of life through smart software solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers achieve their business goals through high quality software solutions. We combine local presence with the best technologists primarily from Russia.

Our Values

We acknowledge our values and behave to match them.
We keep team working. We think teamwork is critical to a successful company and maximize success through collaboration.Every person is equally important to a company!
We keep our word. This is a common truth, which always implies to be in charge for our words and keep the promises to colleagues and customers.
We keep it simple. We believe that simplicity is genius, successful processes are simple processes. We solve our tasks in a consistent, clear and simple way. The simplest solution is often the most genius one!
We keep improving. We are continually improving both professionally and personally. We do every activity in a successful way and keep improving at every step of our work.
We keep cost efficient. We spend money wisely on travelling, booking hotels and other costs, without sacrificing growth. Applying this approach, we can offer competitive pricing to our customers while making a profit, so each party can receive benefits.
We keep focused. We’re attentive to our work. We focus on offering our services according to our vision, mission and goals. We concentrate on our tasks and for every step of our work.
We keep in mind - nothing is impossible. With the principle “nothing is impossible” we presume that we can create a software product of any complexity to show excellent results! We reach desired business goals, solve problems and develop individual approaches. When it comes to personal goals, we believe that we can achieve any goal, such as living and working in another country, learning MBA, building a startup, and so on. Anything is possible!


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