FASTDEV INTERNAL PORTAL - Communication and test tools

FASTDEV INTERNAL PORTAL - Communication and test tools

From its start, Internal Portal was serving two functions. First, we wanted to use it as a place for testing new technologies and approaches. Second, an internal portal would be very useful as a platform hosting the company’s internal services. It could also be used as a practice platform for junior developers to improve their skills.

The Portal was built with microservice architecture from the start and made use of blade system. Separate services are used for user authentication and storing resumé data. On top of that, we quickly updated the portal to interact with external data sources integrating them to our system. The product can be used by our employees to look up info about the coworkers, customers and other company resources. The system development was however restrained by the fact that it was carried out residually, that affected development speed noticeably. During the last year, we’ve built a new authentication system which uses JWT tokens, as well as connected new data sources and implemented new types of blades. We’ve redone the layouts using Grid approach.

As of today, it was decided to turn Portal into a separate product with its own development team. The next update on the line is to launch the notification system and news engine. Other priority updates would be adding a user page constructor, extending dashboard functionality and KPI display.

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