PALOMA - Support and advice on newsletters and surveys

PALOMA - Support and advice on newsletters and surveys

Paloma offers products to facilitate the management of newsletters and surveys. Fastdev has been involved and has helped on several levels by offering support for the companys already existing products and providing software advice, application building, application of templates and methods of application design.

Launched in 2002, Paloma has 14 employees. They have over 1,400 paying customers and even more who use the companys free licenses. The company is aimed at both large, medium and small companies, but also for the public sector and private individuals. They provide products such as Postman, Magnet and Kurios. These can be used individually or together and are created to save the customer time, reduce costs and facilitate everyday life.

The Postman tool allows you to create, send and follow up newsletters and marketing by email. With the product Kurios you can create surveys and get feedback. Through the product Magnet, the customer can easily manage and create invitations to courses, seminars, lectures and courses. It is also possible to follow up with visitors via mobile phone and send evaluations questionnaires after events.

In Fastdevs collaboration with Paloma, several important functions were developed, such as a new notification method and a new payment system for the product Magnet. The work continues with Fastdev providing suggestions, support and advice on how to improve Paloma’s existing products.

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