KITAB SAWTI - App for audiobooks in arabic

The scope of the project

KITAB SAWTI - App for audiobooks in arabic

Kitab Sawti, founded in 2016, has acquired rights to produce and distribute Arabic audiobooks for 400 million Arabic speakers worldwide. Their aim is to make Arabic literature easily accessible to speakers of Arabic no matter where they are. Kitab Sawti means “audiobook” in Arabic.

The idea of creating a service for Arabic audio books arose when the team behind Kitab Sawti worked on a project with Syrian refugee children in Swedish schools. Sebastian Bond, who is the founder and CEO, then worked as a business development manager at a Swedish audiobook
company that targets Swedish schools and students with dyslexia. Their role was to explore how they could assist the Swedish schools in integrating newly arrived pupils from Syria. Many teachers then asked for audio books in Arabic for the new students, but there were none.

When they realized that no one produced audiobooks in one of the world’s most spoken languages, they decided to do it themselves. Together with Anton Pollak, now technology manager, Sebastian Bond founded Kitab Sawti. Currently, among others, Sven Hagströmer’s venture capital company Creades, and Martin Wattin’s and Peter Silferswärd’s Inbox Capital company are investing in Kitab Sawti.

Today, Kitab Sawti’s audiobook catalog contains hundreds of titles with a large spectrum of genres and formats. Everything from religious books and non-fiction to bestsellers and podcasts. The mobile app is crucial for Kitab Sawti’s service as it is where users find and consume content.

Fastdev’s team got involved quickly at an early stage in the development of the service. At the start of the collaboration, Kitab Sawti had only minimal backend infrastructure and MVP apps.

Now we have helped them develop apps with a functional and well-designed user interface as well as seamless mobile interactions. We have also developed important functions such as purchasing, push notifications, linking and data analysis.

While Kitab Sawti’s catalog range is growing, we are improving the app’s performance and backend in parallel, and have provided them with a solid foundation for further development of their product and service.

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