HEDVIG - Development of an insurance application

The scope of the project

HEDVIG - Development of an insurance application

Hedvig is a Swedish app-based insurance company that was founded in 2016 with the vision of changing the insurance industry with their insurance application. Through Hedvig you can buy a personally designed insurance policy for your home, yourself and your family. The app also handles all communication to avoid long telephone queues and advanced forms. Hedvig also assists in changing insurance companies.

Hedvig only charges a fixed fee to run and develop the service, and the rest of what the customers pay is located on a separate account and earmarked to compensate for damages. When all damages have been paid, the surplus is donated to organizations that make the world better.

Hedvig has several well-known investors as well as angel investors, including Sophia Bendz and Nicklas Storåkers.

Hedvig contacted Fastdev when they wanted to restructure their back office insurance application for the support team, and move from a monolithic structure to a micro service environment. Fastdev’s development team has worked both with the application’s front end and backend and used modern frame structures and languages such as React, TypeScript, GraphQL) along with new technology to redesign Hedvig’s organization.

The first challenge Fastdev’s development team encountered was separating the front end from the backend. To get the front end to work with TypeScript, the team had to exchange the regular JSX components for TSX components. The basic part was redesigned, and then custom coded using TypeScript.

The second challenge was to adapt the current business logic to GraphQL. This was done only for a few components such as chat, members, and queries. Fastdev’s development team also made certain configurations to achieve proper operation of GraphQL and its various work processes.

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