FODI - Bringing a digital grocery store to life with dedicated developers

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FODI - Bringing a digital grocery store to life with dedicated developers

Fodi was founded in 2016 with the ambition of changing the way consumers shop for groceries online. Fodi profiled its offering as a “local” food store online. Today Fodi has local stores in tree main areas in the Stockholm region: Bromma, Solna / Sundbyberg and Vällingby / Hässelby, and offers more than 10 000 organic and locally produced items.

View of the online food store

The company aims to open more online stores and expand to other areas in Sweden. As the business expands, Fodi needs to scale its systems and develop more sophisticated solutions to handle primarily suppliers, inventory and logistics. Another challenge when making customers switch from purchasing groceries in their local physical store to online was to preserve the “local “ feeling in terms of customer service and locally produced food. Fastdev was consulted to assist Fodi’s with these challenges.

View of the online food store

Fastdev helped Fodi in creating an article index-system and database solution to efficiently handle and display all articles in the web-interface. The back-end system was developed to a fully scalable system. Fastdev also helped Fodi in creating a logistics system to handle home delivery in the greater Stockholm area.

View of the delivery system of Fodi

Further a recommender system that analyzes the purchase patterns of users and proposes items for purchase was developed. In addition to that, Fastdev developed an integrated graphical user interface for back-office data and the inventory- and logistic systems. Fastdev has also helped to integrate payment solutions and an SMS notification system.

View of the shopping cart

Today, Fastdev is continuously working with the maintenance and improvements of the systems of the online retail platform, so that Fodi can keep focusing on developing their business and expanding its reach to new consumers throughout Sweden.

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