FODI - Development of grocery store online

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FODI - Development of grocery store online

Fodi is Sweden’s first local grocery store online. They have been working with both food and online shopping, and in 2016 they gathered all their experience to start building the dream shop. Fodi has a very clear goal; to change the way Swedes shop for food. Imagine you are able to easily and quickly make the weekly document from the mobile phone on the way home from work and have it delivered home for free – instead of going to the store and carrying the food yourself. An easier, faster and more fun way for our customers to shop for food.

However, they do not settle for that. In addition to all the fantastic benefits, there are also some disadvantages of digital development. When the action is moved online, away from the shop and into the tablet, the personal meeting between the customer and the trader is often lost. So the important part of Fodi’s vision is to restore the feeling of personal customer service and to be part of the local ecosystem. They want to focus on one area at a time and do it as well as they can. Fodi does not believe that a strong digital service is enough. Instead, they believe that the joy they can spread through really good and personal service is what can ultimately make them change the way we shop for food.

The problem was in lack of developers. Fastdev provided a multifunctional team with backend and frontend knowledges in a short term. Helped to focus on business cases instead of technical ones. New business requirements are satisfied fast and with good quality. New locations are now covered by Fodi, new suppliers and payment services were attached. SMS gate is now in progress.

Fodi has established delivery in 3 districts of Stockholm and its coverage gradually augment. It sequentially starts off new features for customers like a loyalty program, makes communication with customers even better with the variety of new tools. The number of suppliers also increases. Fodi got started working with B2B customers providing different types of payment. The goal is to keep increasing the delivery coverage and the number of customers.

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