DUGGA - Development of digital test platform for partnership

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DUGGA - Development of digital test platform for partnership

In order for Dugga to reach out effectively in Europe, it has developed a collaboration with Fastdev as a part-owner. And are involved in development and testing of Dugga’s digital platform.

The following are the CEO – Patrik Nilsson’s comments on the collaboration:

– We feel very positive about Fastdev partnering with us both in business and technological development. It reduces direct costs for us, while we get a dedicated partner that is truly committed to helping us.

Dugga is a digital overall solution for all types of knowledge assessments for schools, universities and other educational organizations. Dugga provides a digital examination system based on scientific research which is developed in cooperation with schools, teachers and students. The digital learning and knowledge assessment system has been developed as an independent platform that is to be used for tests, diagnostics, exams, home writing and similar written knowledge assessments.

To handle Dugga´s server, Python, Django, Postgresql, and MongoDb were used with the Microsoft Azure cloud solution. Fastdev´s developers also took on the responsibility for the project´s more technical aspects, where the most difficult task was to optimize and make the number of queries to the database static. The new changes also required the program code to be restructured and reworked in order to function optimally and eliminate bugs.

Fastdev´s developers have also introduced continuous checks into the integration system, which makes it more time-efficient for the developers. We also solved problems around the transfer of students submissions in pdf format. Creating these documents takes a long time and an algorithm was required to enable automation without the user’s side freeze.

During the course of the work, an error also occurred in the application´s performance when several thousand students were in the process of testing. In response, FastDev’s development team first analyzed what was wrong in the application and performed various tests to inform the adjustment of settings on Ngrinx and in the application itself. FastDev’s skillful response reduced the application´s requirements for server resources and managed to solve the issue on the spot.

Claudia Rademaker, operational manager at Dugga comments;

– Fastdev is flexible and has very competent employees. They can effectively adjust the
programming and development languages ​​that we work with. Cooperation with them is extremely positive for us.

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