GROVER - Development of subscription service

The scope of the project
Node JS
Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL

GROVER - Development of subscription service

FastDev is helping Grover meet the technical challenges and development of their website. We have used several different programming languages and platforms, especially Node.js, Ruby, and Python, as well as various AWS services for the back-end work. For the front-end, mainly React and Redux have been used.

Grover is a new alternative to owning technological gadgets. Through the German company you get the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest technology, while helping to save on the earth´s resources. The business concept is based on a sharing economy where you as a customer have the opportunity to subscribe to various tech products without buying them. Among other things, you can rent phones, cameras, drones, game consoles, and VR glasses.

Grover´s main market is Germany. But they plan an international expansion in 2019. The expansion plans present several challenges, both in the provision of products and technically.


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