CUBIMO - Digital incubator for entrepreneurs

The scope of the project
PHP (Zend Framework)

CUBIMO - Digital incubator for entrepreneurs

Cubimo is a digital incubator and platform for entrepreneurs who want to develop their ideas. Cubimo was created for people who want to start a business and who are looking for a strategy and a way to do it. Cubimo users connect with like-minded people from all over the world, regardless of geography, cultural differences and languages. They are united through a common drive to create something new and useful for the world. Cubimo has 26,000 active users and is available in 91 countries.

Cubimo helps entrepreneurs to create plans, and prototypes, as well as coaches them in sourcing resources and funding. Their aim is to assist entrepreneurs in freeing up more time which they can devote to their business concepts and realizing their dreams. Cubimo provides entrepreneurs with a variety of important tools for starting and growing their business which include, but are not limited to, guides for solving common business problems, a wide community and connections with other people who might benefit their business, like investors, partners, and suppliers.

Fastdev’s team implements Cubimo’s design, development and platform testing. We have helped Cubimo to release the first version of their system and launch marketing initiatives.

Now we are working on further product development, such as analyzing user behaviour and experimenting with marketing and growth approaches.

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