ACADEMIC WORK - Development of tracking systems for internal meetings

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ACADEMIC WORK - Development of tracking systems for internal meetings

Academic Work is one of Sweden´s largest staffing and recruitment companies. To facilitate their business, Fastdev has helped to develop a digital tracking system to handle internal meetings.


Academic Work hires and recruits students, academics and what they call young professionals who are at the beginning of their careers. They are available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark. The company collects feedback from over a thousand employees and notes from hundreds of meetings held monthly. With so many employees in different countries and industries, it became a challenge to manage and share files, find meeting notes and more. The meeting minutes and lists were written in several different programs such as MS Office, OneNote, Notepad and Word.

Development of unique tracking system

There were no existing programs that could solve Academic Work’s problem. Therefore, Fastdev developed a unique digital tracking system to handle this. The system made it easier to share files, find meeting notes, but also find information about employee goals and performance. This greatly assisted the company management, team leaders and hundreds of employees.

Several different technologies were used in the development of the system. For the back-end, Asp.Net, MVC 5 / Web, API 2.x, Entity Framework 6.x, Azure AD, Azure Storage, Azure SQL Server were used. For front-end, CSS3 / LESS, HTML / HTML5, TypeScript, ReactJS /MobX and WebPack 2 were used.

The system is a Single Page Progressive Web Application located on the Azure cloud service and interacts with the company´s Active Directory, which is a Microsoft directory service. With Progressive Web Application (PWA), users can continue to work even if they are not connected to the internet.

Academic Work’s decision to use a tailor-made system has provided dividends. All the necessary information is easily accessible and nothing is forgotten or lost. It has also made it easier to prepare a meeting and collaborate with colleagues.


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