TIPSER - E-commerce platform for partnership

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TIPSER - E-commerce platform for partnership

Tipser was founded in 2011 when they saw an opportunity to help media houses create a better revenue model by offering them their own e-stores. In order to develop the advanced platform, Tipser 2013, enlisted the help Fastdev’s developers and programmers. Through Fastdev’s ownership model, development hours were exchanged for part-ownership in the company.
Today, Tipser works with the top ten media houses in Europe and over 5,000 bloggers providing an e-commerce platform that is plugged into their respective sites. The e-commerce platform has an integrated payment solution, and a product store with over one million items that the publishers choose for their respective online stores. It takes about three minutes to integrate and can be customized at any time. The products can also be tagged in pictures, videos and various articles.
It was a great win-win for us as start-up without many resources. With FastDev’s help, we were quickly and efficiently able to take it from the pilot stage to a working product, says Marcus Jacobsson, CEO at Tipser.
Fastdev’s development team was given responsibility for the project’s technical side. The team consisted of a Swedish project manager, three Russian senior developers and two developers who worked on the back-end, the services and the database, along with a group of front-end developers in Poland.
A global system factor was performed and unit and integration samples were added. The types of testing used were Jira Kanban, automated and manual testing. Performance improved both on the frontend and backend. The site became more stable and was easily developed and expanded using FastDev’s technology. On the server’s side, ASP.NET MVC & Nancy, MongoDb, and third-party services such as Cloudinary, Elastic Cloud, Papertrail, and Mandrill were used. In the past year, Amazon has also increasingly been used.
The assembly process was automated for continuous delivery, which made it possible to reduce the cost of implementation. In the development of the system from a business point of view, machine learning was expanded to be able to recommend and categorize products. Even the procedure for adding a new dealer has been simplified, as has the payment system.
The most important and most difficult task was to set up controls around the visibility of products. Not all goods should be visible to all users and vice versa. The most important and difficult task was to set up the visibility of the products, that is to say, to enable which products are displayed to which users as well as to develop support for different payment systems and configure the location function.

Now that Tipser has more resources, they have invested in their own developers to whom FastDev is handing off the project incrementally.

– The combination of quality and speed at a good price, and that Fastdev has been responsive to our needs has created an enduring partnership. Currently, they are only part-owners and do not work operationally. But it’s great to know that if we need short-term support, they are just a phone call away, says Marcus Jacobsson, CEO at Tipser.

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