LENDO - Loan broker web service for Norway, Finland, Denmark and Poland

The scope of the project
JS (Coffeescript)
PHP (Zend Framework)
SOAP (SoapClient and wso2)

LENDO - Loan broker web service for Norway, Finland, Denmark and Poland

Lendo is the Nordic region´s leading loan broker and part of the Schibsted Group, the largest media group in the Nordic region. Lendo is a service where you can reach all banks with a single loan application and thus easily compare different bank offers. Fastdev is working on developing Lendo´s technical platform in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland.

We collect requirements from customers, develop the system, test the code, explain how things work and show demos, find vulnerabilities, suggest new functions, stand for technical communication with all partners, and share knowledge between the countries.


Fastdev was contacted in 2012 to create a Norwegian copy of the Swedish Lendo. A complete solution was built with new functions based on requirements and input from the business side. Lendo employed a separate front-end developer in 2017, after which Fastdev became responsible for back-end tasks.

In 2018, the construction of a completely new micro-service began. A team of three developers and a project manager are
working on rewriting an “old” solution to these micro-services, integrating with new partners (banks), and keeping the current code in production.


In 2014, Fastdev also launched a project for Lendo Finland. A new copy would be built and adapted to the new market. It was developed for back-end, front-end, analysis, tracking, data security with GDPR compliance and more. A team of four developers and one project manager were responsible for the development work. In 2018, Fastdev also built a new user interface to increase
the server´s redundancy, eliminate certain security issues, and upgrade the system to make it technologically current.

Denmark and Poland

In early 2018, Fastdev and Schibsted (owner of Lendo) started projects for two new countries, Denmark and Poland. A copy of the existing system in Finland was made and adapted to the two markets. The development team consists of six full-time developers and a project manager who is responsible for all of Lendo´s technical tasks.

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