Fodi is expanding to provide delivery from more online grocery stores outside Stockholm


Fodi is expanding to provide delivery from more online grocery stores outside Stockholm

Fodi is planning to expand south of Stockholm and in Mälardalen to be able to deliver food to more households. To achieve all this Fodi is cooperating with FastDev to build a joint development team.

Fodi is an online-based start-up that was founded in 2016 with the vision of changing the way we shop for food. They want to give their customers the best online service experience. After a successful launch of its first local grocery store online in Bromma in 2018, Fastdev´s development team was hired. Together, they have already quickly expanded into Solna, Sundbyberg, Danderyd and northern Stockholm.

– We carefully select our areas and cooperate extensively with the local association. A qualified guess is that the next warehouse will be south of Stockholm or in Mälardalen with a focus on delivery to Västerås, Jönköping, Malmö and Gothenburg, says Mijo Balic, product manager at Fodi.

Today, only two percent of consumers food purchases are made online. Therefore, it is important for Fodi  to serve its customers with an easy-to-understand and smooth online service for more people to appreciate the benefits. Fastdev´s development team has helped Fodi to build its front and back end as well as maintains the system through new updates. The development team also refines the internal systems, maintains support, imports important product data, and ensures that any problems
that may still arise are resolved.

– We have divided the work so that one of the developers is responsible for support and takes care of the errors that can arise. In principle, they work as a regular development department. Everything has rolled out and worked out very well, says Mijo Balic.

To weld the Fodi / FastDev joint team together, they went on a team building trip to Croatia to familiarize themselves with each other’s approaches.

– Fastdev is fast and responsive. Our cooperation has been both safe and easy. Presently they know our business well and can come up with relevant suggestions for improvement, says Mijo Balic.

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